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The Fallof Man or a Tale of Two Trees
King James Quotations

"male and female he created them" has been used, mistakenly, to argue that Mankind was created a Hermaphrodite. Reading the whole chapter, it's clear that there existed no carnivorous animals.

All of the trees suggest complete provision. However, there are two, special trees: The tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The plot thickens! What will happen next?

Here comes free will. Everything Man needs is amply provided, by the many trees, and only one tree is off limits. What often appears to be missed, is that the tree of life is accessible throughout.

Clarifying that Mankind was NOT created as a race of Hermaphrodites, follows the creation of Eve. The teaching that man was divided, into male and female, because of sin, is ridiculous, as the female is created before any sin occurs.

The choice is between accepting life, through trusting God, or risking death, through listening to Satan, who had been appointed Prince over the Earth but had developed ideas above his station. The same choice remains, today, in that we may choose God, who we know through Jesus, or continue to follow Satan, who was deposed by Jesus at the cross.

If Eve got the warning, about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, from Adam, then he's embellished it, by adding that the tree may not even be touched. Bad move! Having touched the tree, without consequence, Eve appears sufficiently emboldened to eat thereof and Adam followed her lead.

Two things fascinate me. Firstly, and as previously mentioned, the tree of life was an option, as there is no mention of it being guarded, until the sin is committed. Secondly, the tree eaten from is the tree of knowledge of good and evil, not the tree of knowledge. God wasn't keeping Mankind ignorant and, therefore, oppressed. They were undoubtedly created perfect; so highly intelligent.

We cannot, of course, disprove God, just as we can't disprove Thor, fairies, leprechauns and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
- Ricard Dawkins (b.1941).