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Veganized lyrics
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Imagine there's no real food, It's easy if you try,
Just hell before us, Somewhere to slowly die,
Imagine all the people starving every day,
Imagine there's a New World, It isn't hard to do,
A place to kill or be killed, And one religion too,
Imagine all the people living life in fear,
You just say, I'm a vegan, but I'm not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join us, And Mankind will soon be gone. .

Yo, all plant-based, Let's kick it!!!!,
Rice Rice Baby, Rice Rice Baby,

All right stop, Carbohydrates and legumes,
Rice is back with my brand new set of fumes,
Something grabs a hold of me tightly,
Then I flow on the toilet daily and nightly,
Will it ever stop? Yo -- I don't know,
Stand but I still need to go,
To the extreme I drain my gut like a vandal,
A mix of fruit and flax no dumb chump can handle,

Wince, Bum rush the colon that booms,
It's killing my brain like a poisonous mushroom,
Deadly, when I have another smoothie,
I'm harming myself at best it's a felony,
Love it or loathe it, You to have to give way,
I've got that sunken eye, But you must play,
If there is a problem, Yo, we'll solve it,
Keep eating grains while a vegan resolves it,

Rice Rice Baby (Vanilla), Rice Rice Baby (Vanilla) .

Now I'm a vegan I go crazy, Over kidney beans,
Eating like a fool, in my skinny jeans,
I have a new look now it's crazy, I'm just skin and bone,
And I'm worse than crazy on my own.

But I don't know,
That there's a link to what I eat,
Being close to craziness, and never eating meat .

I pictured a blender, You held it in your hands,
I had nightmares, But you saw vegan,
I breakfasted with my beef for years, While you just stayed with mushrooms,
A New World peasant,
You swallowed all said by goons, The whole of their moon.

Soy milk comes creeping in, Does nothing for our skin,
We feel it turning dry, This all needs undoing,
It makes us want good food, It makes us want good food,

Under a trillion stars, We ate a heap of carbs,
Took pictures of our plates, Into this cult we are,
We don't know what is food, We don't know what is food,

Oh leaves go down, In the larder only plants we find,
I just wanna eat something else, If these plants would fly,
For the rest of our lives.

Hello from my vegan bed,
I called to say I'm almost dead,
You must know I'm happy, With all the damage you see,
But when I call you never, Seem to agree.

Because.. My fruit diet is killing me (and I),
I must confess I still crave meat (still crave meat),
When I'm not eating I lose my mind, Give me a sign,
Feed me rib eye one more time.

You with the dead eyes, Don't eat that porridge,
Oh I realize, It's hard to take courage,
In a world full of vegans, You can lose fight and all will,
The legumes inside you, Can make you feel so ill.

Find weeds in the beautiful sea, I'm not really happy,
Sunken eyes, Sunken eyes, We're like spirits in the sky,
You're a falling star I see, A vision of misery,
Will you catch me, When I dive, We're like dreamers in the sky.

And now my lunch is here and so I face the daunting mountain,
Of beans with seeds of chia, I'll hate the taste of that I'm certain,
My belly will be full, And challenge my digestive highway,
And more, More beans than this, I must eat each day.

I'm juicing a whole white cabbage,
But no one near me wants to know,
How that strange drink glistened, now children listen,
To me groaning in the snow.

"Hiya Vegan!", "(Bleep) OFF!",
"Want to go for a ride?", "NO!", "Why so hangry?",
I'm a Vegan girl, In a Vegan world, Food is plastic, It's fantastic,
I can't brush my hair, It falls out everywhere,
So masochistic, It's unrealistic.

Smoothie bowl of mangoes splattered all around the floor,
Reaching for the bin 'coz I can't keep it anymore,
What I'm doing wrong is always on my mind,
For me it happens all the time.
Almost all my teeth are gone, I'm all alone and I need to cheat,
I said I wouldn't call but I lost all control and I ordered meat,
Still I don't know how to do without, well I just have to eat.

There are nine million calories in my bowl, All from flax,
They are seeds we can't digest, It's a fact that I'll be hangry, 'Til I die.

Many times I've eaten grain and many times I've cried,
Always give me foggy brain no matter what I've tried,
But still you feed me dust on the long, wasting road,
You left me without meat,
A long, long time ago,
Don't leave me without meat,
Lift me off the floor.

Hello toilet my old friend,
I've come to sit with you again,
Because a burger I was eating, Gave me gas while I was sleeping,
And the burger that was plant-based and was lame, still remains,
To spoil the sound of silence.

I wanna blend em' like they do in vegan vids,
Mash em' juice em' tastes like crap so it won't stay with me (I love it),
So without nutrition play the cards and wind up dead,
I don't mind 'coz there's a cow who'll live for me instead.

Feel the sludge set in your gut, Like a big heavy doughnut,
I hate this goo,
Blend of fruit and leaf of kale, On a bed of nails I wait to fail,
Yet I long for tofu,
I want some tofu, I want some tofu.

And it seems to me you were too keen, On a blender full of gell,
It's no wonder when you drank that, You felt and looked like hell,
And I would have liked to have fed you, But I was just a kid,
Your blender burned out long before, Your brain fog ever did.

If I eat plants, If I eat just plants, Would you eat with me and just forget the cows,
Forget truth we're told, Despite feeling so cold,
Show me a garden that's fading every day.
Let's waste time, Chasing carbs, Around our plates.

This present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long. We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order. - David Rockefeller (1915 - 2017)