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The Watchtower Society of the Jehovah's Witnesses.
[ A misleading interpretation of Revelation 20? ]

Let's begin with the name "Jehovah". It isn't found in any remnant of the earliest, Greek texts. More importantly, if the Holy Bible were both divinely inspired and divinely protected (from tampering), then it's accurate. If God couldn't prevent His name from being removed, the New Testament may be unreliable. The WS claim, that Jehovah's name was removed, is pure.. WS.

There are plenty of websites which expose the bias of the WS's New World Translation, to which I have provided links. In the remainder of this section, I'm going to focus on just one, short chapter, of the New Testament, and let the reader decide whether or not the WS interpretation is plausible.

The Book of Revelation, Chapter 20, comprises only 15 verses and describes a 1,000 year period (the Millenium) which follows Armageddon but precedes Christ's final judgement. To the WS, death is the only penalty for Earthly sins. After Armageddon, all who have died, plus the JW who were alive at the time, experience the Millenium. The WS teaching is that this is 1,000 year period of restoration, during which both the Earth and resurrected mankind are restored to perfection. The end result is a 'Return to Eden' but, this time around, man is better trained to perfectly obey Jehovah God. Is that supported by the text, of Revelation 20, using only the WS's own, NWT bible.

Uncontroversial stuff. The post Armageddon Millenium won't include Satan.

This is where the divergence begins. The language suggests that Christ and resrrected Christians rule, over the Earth, during an otherwise normal, 1,000 period, of human history. That 'The rest of the dead did not come to life until the 1,000 years were ended' suggests only a partial resurrection, at the start of the Millenium.

Apparently, 'The rest of the dead did not come to life until the 1,000 years were ended' means that those were resurrected, at the beginning of the 1,000 years but only attained perfection at the end. Are you sure? Trust us! Remember that we're members of Jehovah God's Visible Organization. So why does it speak of a first resurrection? Stop thinking and listen!

Uncontrovertial, again. However, if the purpose, of the 1,000 years, was to raise mankind to perfection, such that Adam's mistake wouldn't be repeated, then the huge rebellion shows that even a perfected mankind will still act out. I suspect that the rebellion was caused by suddenly being landed with 1,000 years of JW college tuition fees! 1,000 x £9,250 = a lot of student debt!

The rebellion has failed and, finally, the Devil is dealt with. Yey!

The language suggests that only at the end of the Millenium is there a full resurrection, with individual judgement based entirely upon Earthly deeds.

JW insist that I'm wrong. Judgement is based upon behaviour during the Millenium, following a universal resurrection, at its beginning. That's not what the very simple language says. That's what it means, though, they insist. But it's NOT what it says. Moving on!

Job done! Satan/"Big D", death and the Grave are done away with. (btw Thank you for reading this far.)

The WS teaching is that Mankind will return to Eden, in the same human form as Adam and Eve, under the same terms, but much better prepared. Jehovah God provides 1,000 years of pre-Eden tuition! Life, for the perfected humans will be everlasting but, just like Adam and Eve, will be conditional upon continuing obediance to Jehovah God. One tiny slip up and your gone, dead, with absolutely no way back. No stress in Paradise, then!

The 144,000, disembodied spirit creatures; the Christians who went to Heaven are granted eternal life (life within), which cannot be lost. So! If, like in Jason and the Argonauts, one of the spirit creatures gazes into the pool and is caught, by Jesus, spying on a human beauty sunbathing in the nude, for example, the worst that can happen is being made to float around in the "naughty corner", for a while.

However, the differentiation is impossible. Satan, Death and the grave were destroyed at the end of the 1,000 years. Eternal life is the only possible life, after that, which makes a nonsense of the "Return to Eden" model. Furthermore, why would there be two forms of life; the spirit creatures and the humans, if both have the same, eternal life. Makes no sense, chief! To me, the final outcome is unification, whereby Mankind is in a perfectly harmonious relationship with God Almighty. Forever!

The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.
- Leonardo da Vinci (1453 - 1519).