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C: Crumbs of Thought or Chewing the Bamboo.

Lincoln City FC simply doesn't have the finances available, to allow it to retain its best players. Without further backing, this can only end with the Cowley brothers moving on, as the potential, of their management skills, won't be realised at a "player development" club. Once the brothers Cowley leave, Lincoln City FC may revert to a club which simply tries to avoid the drop, into non-league football.

Waterfall says he will never forget his three years with City, particularly the last two which saw him lift the National League trophy and Checkatrade Trophy at Wembley.
“Over the last few years the support has been class,” Waterfall told Lincolnshire Live.
“My family has really enjoyed it and it’s felt like a real family club, which is an atmosphere Danny [Cowley] has helped create. It’s so fan-orientated and, as players, we’ve felt connected with the supporters.
“That’s why it was such a hard decision, but it was one I felt I had to make for my career.
“League One football and a three-year contract was something I didn’t feel I could turn down.
“I leave with a heavy heart. It’s the hardest footballing decision I’ve ever had to make, without a shadow of a doubt.
“But I feel like I’m leaving on a high and I’m sure the club will go on to gain promotion and maybe I’ll see them next season.”

With the departure of the captain, promotion hopes, in season 2018/19, now appear unrealistic. Topparf! may have to do. Surely, somewhere out there, in the World, exists a bored billionaire who loves both football and really big, elegant Cathedrals. The next club, for team Cowley? Forest? Derby? Leeds? An ambitious, Championship club, with a healthy budget, which isn't too far from their new base in Lincoln. They could abandon LCFC tomorrow but would always be viewed as the managers who put both the club and the city back on the map. Legends status is firmly established.

Now what, for LCFC? Does the captain's departure undermine the 2018/19 promotion bid? It must do! However, both Danny and Nicky Cowley know this industry. Perhaps, further seasons, of League Two consolidation, will ensue. If the brothers Cowley do leave Lincoln City, at the end of the 2019/20 season, with the club remaining firmly estabished in League Two, they will leave as the heroes who put both the football club and the city back on the map.

Looking at the first match results, involving the clubs promoted from League Two last season, Wycombe drew, whilst Accrington, Luton & Coventry all lost. After watching highlights, of The Imps' 0-1 win at relegated Northampton, only an outstanding display, by Lincoln 'keeper, Josh Vickers, made the win possible. If promotion had been achieved, last season, and Luke Waterfall had still decided to leave, it might have left the Imps struggling. A Topparf finish, in L2 this season, will be good enough for me!

"Goin' up! Stayin' put! Not goin' darn! Goin' up! Stayin' put! Not goin' darn! etc. Feel free to sing along. Finally, Grimsby's opening day shocker, losing 1-4 to Forest Green, seems to have put paid to the Mariners signing Lee Angol (ex-Imps loanee) from Mansfield. Lee pulled out, the following day. Whilst Lincoln fans love to hate Grimsby Town, we need them to stay within the same division! Come on, you Mariners! Just remember to lose, when the Imps are your opponents. Football is such a simple game!

I knew the Holy Bible well enough and my faith was simple enough, for me to quickly smell a rat. 1914! Jesus died upon a pole! The cross is a pagan symbol! The trinity also is pagan! Jesus was created! 144,000 is a literal number! The resurrection was spiritual! Was I being bombarded with WS propaganda, or what? Six meetings was more than enough and I put a stop to them. The strangest experiences of my life? Definitely!

Twenty five years of research later, I finally silenced a JW elder. JW claim that, following the 1,000 years (Revelation 20), Eden will be restored (all back to square one!). Yeah but (says me), Revelation 20, even in your Bible translation, states that Satan, Death & the grave are destroyed, at the end of the 1,000 years. A return to Eden isn't possible, as Satan is no longer a player, in any form of Eden. Following a pause, I received my reward; a change of subject!

JW have been so useful! I didn't understand the deceptive power of Satan, until I heard well-meaning people, completely under the control of his, anti-Christian cult, propagating his lies. Nothing JW have ever said has shifted the position I held, 30 years ago. In fact, the last time that I asked a mature JW to return, he refused! Thank God for Jesus! Understanding Him is powerful medicine against which no lie can stand.

Imagine suddenly becoming trapped aboard a submarine, stuck on the seabed, a mile (~1.6 km) beneath the Atlantic Ocean. Rescue services quickly locate your position and are able to supply clean air, food and water. The good news is that the supply mission is unlimited. The bad news is that there exists no possibility of raising the submarine, so prepare to stay there for the rest of your life.

What's the difference between the above (disaster) and going on a (fantastic!), one way mission to Mars? In practical terms, there are none! The Martian colony project may soon be feasible, technically, but the 'Big Brother' feed would soon have to end, as the mental health, of the Martian pioneers, would surely decay within weeks. What provision would exist to deal with a Mars pioneer "losing the plot", should the full realisation, of what has been left behind, hit home? It's got all the makings of a science fiction horror story.

Just look what happened to Howard Wolowitz (Big Bang Theory, Season 6), when he realised that his return to Earth, from the International Space Station, was going to be delayed by a week to ten days. 200,000 candidates applied for the Mars One mission and 199,900 have been fortunate enough to have been rejected. The 100 who remain will be reduced to an initial 24, who will travel to the desolate planet, in 6 groups of 4. "Bonne chance, mes braves!"

To me, the reverse situation would be far more attractive. Imagine having spent many years, stuck in claustrophobic pods, and then having the opportunity to go on a one way trip to Earth. A trailer home is sent, in advance and then, as part of the initial 4 (two of each gender), you set off to become one of the happiest trailer park residents everrrr! Of course, as soon as you report back and people see what a wonderful place Earth is, the Martian society implodes, as absolutely everyone desperately wants to experience the freedom afforded by such a beautiful planet, which possesses a life-supporting ecosystem.

However, with Mars society having gone all Armageddon, no further supplies will be forthcoming so, as soon as the pot noodles run out, it's back to basics. Having chosen appropriate, new names: Fred, Wilma, Betty & Barney, you set off on your first huntin' n gatherin' expedition, as Tesco won't be opening for at least another 10,000 years! Thankfully, you brought sufficient solar panels to keep your Earth Rover charged, although spares may soon become a problem. Just how do you make Lithium-ion batteries in a Stone Age? I'll ask that strange Earthling; the beige-coloured one, walking around on all fours, with the mane and big, canine teeth.

Howard Wolowitz in space. Mars One: Human Settlement on Mars. Mission timeline.

To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost.
- Gustave Flaubert (1821 - 1880).